Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 03-06-18

Tuesday, March 6th

In this round of Tell Me Something Good, we celebrate good health, new businesses, a much needed night out and more! Share what's making YOU happy every Tuesday with KJ on the Mix! 


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Your good news every Tuesday all afternoon Michael welcome to the next tell me something get. Well you did an excellent job you're taking me right in my afternoon. Thank you are you working right now. Now I'm beginning next surgery. And that yeah I was hesitant to know why you're wanting years. I'm gonna get bad down and get back bang and. Man I'll. I -- how can he get out on higher than it declaration did not. Tell you the right now. I could again be red arrow portrait and I you'd. Hello Larry you got to see transparent on an idiot and either China support our local resident I love those little ears. You haven't seen again I don't I can't Anderson and tell me something. At thirty minute commitment to Carnegie Hall the. Call you because I have ceramic Ty hello all through my shower. And it's like grout is cracked so you could fix that for me yep look at my may have to call you can't. Rhonda what's making you get a. Listening to music on the way out from work. I love hearing that that what I like about what I was seven I mimics what keeps you listening here. It icing all constantly. I don't Cuba I try to keep my Mike off while I'm doing that because I want to keep listening. I thank you so much for sharing all geared good news on how we sent again Tuesday we'll do it again next weekend I hope. If you're lets that right now the also tuning in a weekday afternoon's two to seven and listen with me on your drive homer in the mix.