Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 04-10-18

Wednesday, April 11th

In this round of Tell Me Something Good, we've got proud parents, funny grandparents, free money and more! Listen to KJ in the afternoons every Tuesday 2p to 7p for more good news! 


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It's something we Tuesday amid. What's making you could today and eat. 88. Amp. So are you spoiling him like I hear grandparents do. Aria might not like. Why aren't a lot of actual or. I. And I makes them pretty KJ Cal Thomas I did tell me something bad and yeah. Well I would try to figure out. Where she return my modem as Specter. I call up the automated line and it asked me which you can't help it. Conduct find out I had an old accounts. Went at 159 dollar credit. You longshot idea commission. Just hanging. Caddie tell me something bad. My son. As an air force and has been in Italy and he's coming home on leave today. Oh my gosh how haunted then since you've seen them. And about a year. I'll I. I was remembering court I get the whole military and be in a way. Thank you both for your service and you guys had a great visit together. Gala thank you so mad. Really got a proud mom on the found Stacey let's get you to get married today. Kickers central winner protection one state last weekend in Terre Haute. In their collapse. Saw how safe former gang geek I am very excited about this for you know how I'd crazy wasn't when they line. We were all so excited parents that were in them. Bleachers were all crying you. On did you have a chance to celebrate or did you just have to drive home. Got home about 12:45. AM and we all went out and Denny and got home about 3 AM. All that is worth forgetting about curfew for I yeah. (%expletive) crap stealing your sons Sam and everybody at the jitters center Olin thank you so much for listened to the mix.