Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 07-10-18

Wednesday, July 11th

New babies, dream jobs and sleeping in were some of the things making us happy in this Tell Me Something Good! Listen every Tuesday afternoon with KJ 2pm to 7pm for guaranteed good news AND great music!!! And, if you've got good news to share, call in ANY day, not just Tuesdays! :)

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Yeah for her much good news. Well I bought a car last month that process the paperwork properly. I called and asked about it Soviet people about it from had to make my first loan payment. Now. Yes. Dan and tell me something to say I just found out that my brother and his like are pregnant I'm going to be an uncle for the first time high you have a little meet certain amount fear they don't know Ali Al Lionel in I'm going to be the bat on the world and you didn't. Just journal wrong how important but. It helps ultrasound. Welcome to the mix Mary. Well my he'd tell me I'm thinking. My daughter got her driver blatantly. It often let the best part about it is I don't have to enter the work at 6:45 AM anymore. I see you've been spent in the summer break get up early in your anymore and no. Omar and I'd welcome to the mix there tell me something dead. I have upon earlier finally coming need music teacher. This is your dream job brownie yeah moon lights out what's the first song you'll teach if you get this job I have no idea. No well on the glass so there you have it right back in all.