Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 12-5-17

Tuesday, December 5th

Christmas joy, new jobs and more! Here's a round of good news by you FOR you with KJ's Tell Me Something Good! Listen every Tuesday 2pm to 7pm for a weekly dose of happiness!


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Okay is KJ and you know it's pretty easy to go after your news beating get pretty bond about what's going on in the world. That is why once a week we take a break from all of that. And give you good news here's some highlights from this week's tell me something good Tuesday so what's making a Lisa happy today it last year after Christmas she took a chance and bought me minions. Advent calendar. How saying her four year old son would still be in the minions this year out on. And I love it resent that you set on FaceBook for why this is making you so happy. It's been really nice because without a politics and the stress that shot being in beat the cannot act and he says I would probably do her. Like magic. Nancy tell me something drag. My heart and soul provider or are aliens pour eaten out of work changed 888 judged. Start it and Newt at the railroad company. How relieved. And excited. Are there to review. My gosh we aren't static. Lack perfect timing how many kids here at it wow I'm actually breathing a sigh of relief what do you enjoy the holidays advice Colin and how much anyway it's making you happy and the break or make it very. This is a real victory until recently did Tuesday new teen managed to get her entire household motivated. To clean house together how people are we talking about. My boyfriend my live together and people have a twelve out of twelve or girl he had vulnerable wow. It had its fun day because. Where they're getting to that aid that we really are turning to govern you know they aren't that big kind of thing they like you put on. But on at a and they care about not. About you know 80% of the time. We'd love to hear your good news too we do this every Tuesday in the afternoons two to 7179. The next.