Tell Me Something Good Tuesday: 11-28-17

Wednesday, November 29th

Life changing events, soulmates and concert tshirts are just some of the things making us happy! Take a listen for good dose of good news with KJ!


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So look at your your pro shop the makes FaceBook page for Tonys have a good Tuesday and I come across to Stacy used and it says. I have found in my soul mate asked you just we act they are not tell us more her. I am one lucky woman I'm here. So space have known her soul mate most of her life they went to junior high together high school together and then years later. Really reached out to her on classmates dot com. In on that hey remember me. I I can't I children that they get crushed. I had that they get actually and you did so. Oh my gosh your harvest demand re saying say your email for a little bit and then lack. Darker gay chat an aunt and that was it. Well that the October what do you mean that was it. Might. Still 12 I had my own shirt made for jingle jam how excited are you hit it down and makes its stock is up again Tuesday and Danielle exciting news is that she got her one of a kind. Backstreet pressure too weird to jingle jam on December 12. McCain and I hadn't heard the actuary at more than I am or a holiday. Holidays. Like and negative holiday art I holly. I I make that Backstreet by scanning for jingle jam is in hand saying the holiday cheer. Yeah yeah. Life changing stuff happening to help tell me said the good Tuesday highlighted its out of seven on the next. Julie tell me something dead. And a week ago Monday my mom went through surgery for stage one with less cancer. And she came through with flying colors it was smaller than they thought it was so. Though she may not have to had chemo or any bang all. Gosh that is snatched good news and what's so amazing about this all started. Because Julie went for her own mammogram. I had to had to go for mine. And I got called back because they found a shadow that they wanted to double checked out she thought she better tell. So she knows you end up being fine may find her cancer early. Your moms YH and may be you'll save some other people today too because they heard that's. I have now air act something yesterday. I call for immigration in. In my application to adopt you shoulder Bulgaria has been a group. I should tell. It is out may saying do you have any children now now on my gosh Eric you're going to be daddy. How they all are what. Do you know much about the boy we are not. They actually will be turning thirteen in February. Wow you're a golfer no children to two teenage boys. Lucky graduation DOS and lots of good vibes your way that everything goes smoothly and those boys are in your home soon. So much appreciate every Tuesday on the makes is town Lisa figured Tuesday you can tell me something good any day of the week. It has KJ thanks so much for listening on the two back on the mix weekdays two to seven.