Tell Me Something Good Tuesday: 11-7-17

Tuesday, November 7th

Another round of things making us happy! 


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I knew it was going to be a great Kelly sounding good Tuesday when the first comment on face back up what's making you happy today. Was Sarah saying the bacon sitting right in front of me but how would it be nice to have some bacon in front of you right now. The Fed is May Day here's some of the highlights from tell me something good to this day it to reach shocked tell me something good. Last week and pray and lay ups and I at Celtic accent at our. Record really dirty prayer life. Are you kidding me yeah oh yeah it. I had to names tell me something I just got back from my Florida vacation last week outlined. I said don't you wish you could turn around I got right back home made it was. Beautifully well deserved vacation we needed what's the one thing making you did I got to hold. Ash got a weird how many people said the new a Reese's peanut butter cup coffee Cramer is making them happy did I guess because we're Chile. We're looking for things to comfort as Kate. And Miley is just super excited that she's on her way to see her daughter Caitlin graduate from army basic training how even the says a military mom. Aaron yeah I did. Al I don't know a lot of faith it is definitely been a struggle. Well thank you so much I know it's a sacrifice be in a military mom to please tell Caitlin thank you for her service and is there anything you like to say Caitlin. I would love to tell her Kate and I am so proud of EU for following a tree and everything that you. Accomplished already and I that her and I accomplished more and bigger than eight years to come I'm just very very proud of the. Thank you to all of our vets I hope you have a wonderful veterans day. I had that tell me something did Tuesday it is something we do I know this is got a shot you every Tuesday on the medics did well there again next week.