WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Weird Ways You Found Love

Thursday, July 12th

From meat markets to airplanes, these stories will make you believe in love at first sight!!

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Wow should just like that story of the couple falling in love on a plane last week mommy and Robert also found love in the air welcome to the knicks tell us your story. A Long Island New York LA and it's exactly the same person here for hours and found out that eaten up. In the Catholic right next the mine you know Israeli you connect the and the people really weird. Yeah especially since you're on flight from New York to LA and you were both from Indiana ballot together and and then think to recent was at a gas station in the pouring down rain win all of the sudden a man was standing over her with an umbrella. I would like what kind of your come up to her and asked the outlook in a parking lot alike. It does not any good at the math. Don't we hear you're gonna spend their resting your life when he hit. My Mac a lot of her life at that meat market. The first thing we need him over the counter the impact and I will go oh. Yeah. Accurate number and I never never never never ever had action will work and I never know I am not a and acts would you when he kicked rein in out. You are mountains. Not let the door opens right there cops on the current threats like. And I'm like yeah I'd like to actually meet. Yeah. Did you know under patent like I'm Daria can't help you with she and I look like well how about. Are you know you look at his number one week later we would do it ticket and we couldn't get ever since. Yeah after a week yeah wow how funny even gathered. More than twenty years but do you ever celebrate your anniversary I don't know the meat market.