Weird Wednesday: Your Ghost Stories!!!

Thursday, April 12th

Are Chris Pratt and KJ being haunted by the same ghost? Plus, a cat ghost and more! If you missed Weird Wednesday, take a listen...but ONLY if you are ready to be weirded out!

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Hey it is KJ he can buy me an afternoon Donna makes two to seven and so on Wednesdays we get into some weird topics. This week we were talking about haunting because. I'm pretty sure over the weekend that I shared a hotel room with they ghost. You added yeah there was a touch land it. It would turn on the night we shot an often return on the senate not Latin not a and it shot off at south street is really creepy I finally complied yet and I sat like. But eight heart racing under the covers steering and it I get this thing comes on and it's unplugged brought here. Yeah I'd get I would have been out of their format. I. And yeah it was that we have a cat and my mom and it will act at that point. I would always see eye shadow catwalk. In pattern they act like. There you're at some point I'm not creep into the Google all that you. Don't worry when you are my I don't have a cat. And jab Annie gusting towners anything weird ever happening again. I have not and I've got kids. At that they got I got. As we've heard enough time. Emily out this necessarily a ghost but you think that your cat is psychic and possibly talking to your neighbors tartar. Where leading our apartment a couple of weeks ago and this guy is walking it we're locking out at like we're playing a little girl and we never seen them before we get you people all the time in our building that I am pulling the door shut our cap and act like writing that in the door like he usually at analog world. I can't and she looked at hand and then she as your Mac and slow. Well I'll. All. Three creeped me because I never met or talked to be accountable for my life but that's all his own name that you never you. You loud and their leader stated that horrified when. I I asked how. Isn't any game and even smiled at me and other peony in whom I got. Got my dad. Even seemed freaked out you like you're acutely how to you know that and she noted. And Arnold and I news. And ran out diet. So I tried to clamp Chris Pratt had a content and that's annaly. While I US pose staying Nat status asking other people to share their hung on to stories. I walked into my master closet. I hear posts and no lights in my master closet turned on and off. I've got to talking about it. I'll call. I don't look at Anthony played I didn't.