Who is YOUR Space Husband???

Friday, January 19th

We found out thanks to Facebook that a Space Husband is an actor who's played a role in a show or movie set in space who you'd like to have as your husband. Chris Hemsworth aka Thor was the #1 choice but before you just agree with that, here are some other options to consider! 


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Eddie you hear us talk about space husbands yesterday on channel. JJ act coming up here. In about ten minutes but giving an update on what that big splash wounds in the sky last night but first out a lot of fun with this yesterday fantasizing about are Hollywood crush. Who has played a role in a space movie. Who we wish could be our space husband Tareq Maher is now. You're pretty much all that's right he wanting gravity facing Greenfield who's your space has been definitely respect career best practice gap I mean it used cantonment guardians of the galaxy. And Chris standing Geist I'm not sure if her Hollywood crush qualifies for the suspect. Question is different jobs that he has been in pain. Move I don't think he has either completely equipped my fault that's. Name office and our. And he was in robot chicken little verdict you know obviously he was the voice of a foot on to shoot whatever. And though monsters vs aliens he was the voice of comfort. I mean it was covered an ailing then I mean I don't know I. I need to airspace has been at.